West Orange Republican Women Federated (WORWF) was chartered in 2009. It’s founders were Wendy West and Linda O’Keefe. Wendy stated it all began when Linda O’Keefe asked her why don’t we start our own group?  They thought about it and in December of 2008 went to work creating both the logo, mission statement, and Bylaws.
The WORWF first meeting was held in February 2009 at the Seaside Bank and the room was maxed out with 20 attendees. Then the journey began for finding meeting space that would keep up with new members. Meeting took place at several locations over time, including the Stonewood Grill, from 20 to 135 members. In recent times the closing of the Windermere Country Club led the 2017 club to the West Orange Country Club.
We owe our thanks to Wendy and Linda to have the foresight to see that there was a need for a Republican Women’s club. Wendy West served as President from 2008-2012, Carolyn Sparks from 2013-2016 and currently Rebecca Mellen 2017. Linda O’Keefe took on several positions as secretary, newspaper editor, facebook, website and fundraiser.
Our club has the most dynamic and fun members who volunteered at the local and state level doorbelling, phone calling, fundraising and talking to their friends, family and neighbors about the Republican philosophy and candidates. They support the Caring for America: Soldiers, pregnancy center, veterans and members of our club. They are pro-active in supporting bills at the state and federal level, by calling, writing, or emailing their elected official

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