Caring for our Community

Since 2017 we adopted the Edgewood Children’s Ranch. Approximately fifty years ago, a local juvenile court judge saw a need for a residential facility for young boys who had exhibited negative social behavior due to family circumstances. Edgewood Boy’s Ranch in Orlando was born but today it now includes both boys and girls, aged 6 to 17.

WORWF has made the Ranch a priority in our community outreach, we collect food each month at our General Meetings, we have donated over thousands of pounds of food, donated cash, and turkeys since 2017.

Each year we do a Monthly Theme, see below.

Other community projects that we have supported is the F.M.I. Stem Academy. STEM Academy is a college prep school that provides a strong math foundation for students pursuing careers in science, technology and engineering. We donated cash, dictionaries and Constitutional booklets.

December 2019 WORWF donated 15 Constitution booklets by Nick Adam and 2 Other books “The American Boomerange” and “Class Dismissed: Why College isn’t the Answer.”

February 2020 WORWF donated 12 Student Dictionaries to the Edgewood Children. Look at those smiles.

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