January 2020

January Guest Speaker: Troy Schmidt, accomplished television & film writer, producer and author of “Holding the Line – America’s Fight for Religious Freedom” which he talked about his expericnce in preserving the 1st Amendment. We heard from two Candidates Kirk Troen running for US Congressional District 10 and Dayna Gaut, running for School Board. We also heard from Adianes Morales, RPOF Field Organizer who later trained us on the Campaign Sidekick Software. What a thoughtful WORWF member, Caren Bell — won the Raffle and then gave it to her guest.

Febuary 2020

 February Guest Speaker: Trevor Loudon author of “The Enemies Within”, which exposed a shocking number of United Senators, members of Congress who pose a security risk to America. He also talked about Florida’s Andrew Gillum, who ran for Governor and the Democratic presidential Candidate. We recognize Gary Bruhn Birthday and being our Chaplin. We heard from Dayna Gaut, candiate for School Board. This year Rebecca Mellen recognized and supported Campaign Chair, JuDian Guimbellot program “Organizing for Orange County —WINNING elections.” President Mellen recognized Charlotte White FFRW District Repesentive V.

March 2020

March Guests: Major Ralph Groves gave a presentation on the Second Amendment. Myron Thaden introduced Vennia Francois, candidate for Congressional Seat 10. We had a debate between Candiates Prince Brown and Dayna Gaut. Winners of the raffle. Campaign Chair JuDian Guimbellot held a meeting at her home for WORWF members and OCREC member to meet the following candidates: Joshua Adams, State Senator for Dist. 11; Lou Minnis State Senator for Dist. 15, Bruno Portigilatti House Dist. 44, Prince Brown and Dayna Gaut for School Board 4.

April, May and June meetings were cancelled due to COVID-19.

JULY 2020

July Guest Speaker: Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff (ret), of Women for Trump Advisory Boards. We had over 65 in attendance and it was great seeing members again. Motivation & Dedication was the theme of our main guest speaker and we were inspired by her presentation. She encouraged all of us to not be silent and educate ourselves on Trump’s accomplishments. Campaign Chair Guimbellot held a training event in her home. Dr. Ramirez, RPOF Field Organizer trained several of the WORWF members and OCREC members on the CampaignSidekick software.


August Guest Speaker: Cathi Chamberlain, was exceptional. She is the author of “Rules for Deplorables”.
If you missed it or want to grab a copy of her book, visit her blog at and website at With over 50 attendees, we heard from several candidates for State Committeeman/Woman–Kathy Gibson, Beverly Burgess and Debbie Galvin. We heard from Frank Blanco for House Seat 44 and Dayna Gaut for School Board . It’s always good to hear them speak in person and have the opportunity to ask questions. We flash for Trump at the Millennimun Mall and waved signs. We held training at the Guimbellot’s home in August with RPOF Chris Norcutt and Dr. Ramirez.

September 2020

September Guest Speaker: Karen Jaroch, Gulf States Regional Coordinator with the Heritage Action for America. She talked about engaging a key initiative issue that would unite, not divide voters to “Fight For America”. The initiative includes the “Back the Blue” yard signs and door hangers that contrast the radical left with American Values. She asked us to get as many people as possible to sign the WWW.POLICEPLEDGE.COM.
She also discussed the value of conducting polls. Please VISIT website at: “2020 Heritage Action Issue Polling”: a ‘National’ survey, a ‘Congressional Battleground’ survey and a ‘Swing State’ survey. We trained with Marcus Barrios for Vennia Francois and he and Joey Planz created a special phone bank for us to call and we informed them where we walked for the candidates. The candidates gave us the literature and we started makeing walk packets.


October we held a Candidate Day. Members made Packets for Vennia Francois and for the State Candidates with the Sample ballots. Each member were to take 45 packets for the 45th President Trump and to drop them off in their neighborhood. In the month of August we help donate over 400 Trump signs at a sign waving event and we passed out the District 1 Sample ballots. Later on in October WORWF and OCREC members are invited to Guimbellot’s house to make more packets and to put out candidates signs. WORWF and OCREC members sign wave at the Early Ballot locations.



November Special guest: Sue Trombino founded Women Impacting the Nation (W.I.N.) in the fall of 2005 because she felt called to make a difference. Her passion for empowering people with God’s truth and her strong love of America are the principles on which the foundation of W.I.N. is built. Both are the driving force behind Sue’s tireless passion to make a difference. It is her passion to embolden every Christian and American to get involved in saving the moral compass of America. You will often hear Sue ask “What does God say?” 


December we said farewell to the 2020 officers and installed new officers. Wendy West, Founder of WORWF performed the Swearing in for 2021. New Officers are Teresa Snipes, President, Cree Haag, 1st Vp 2nd term, Michele Nunnelley, 2nd VP, Nancy Borkes, Secretary and Brenda Knowles, Treasurer 2nd Term. We had a special Guest — Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

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